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GSM Based Smart Energy Meter

Using GSM based Smart Energy Meter one can monitor his consumption using mobile phones just by sending SMS. This project consists of Arduino UNO as the main controller, GSM module, and other sensors/peripherals. One can easily monitor his consumption during peak hours and reduce its electricity bill. You just have to fix the certain limit of electricity consumption and if power consumption will be beyond that limit it will turn offload through the relay. You can easily check your power factor which will be on LCD.

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Working of GSM-Based Smart Energy Meter

Here we have made smart energy meter using Arduino as main controller GSM module and other sensors and IC

Components used:

  • Arduino
  • GSM Module
  • 5 Ampere Switching Relay
  • 20*4 LCD                                     
  • Resistors
  • Current Measuring Sensor  
  • Voltage measuring sensor
  • Connecting wires
  • Load
  • LM324 operational amplifier IC
  •  NAND Gate IC              
  • SIM card
  • Power supply
  • Mobile Phone

We are measuring and monitoring voltage and current through voltage transformer and current transformer. The voltage divider circuit is used to get the desired voltage level. For power measurement, we have converted sinusoidal to square wave and compared both waves of current and voltage using 2-bit comparator and output of the comparator are given to NAND Gate IC and its output is given to Arduino. You just have to fix the certain limits of electricity consumption and if power consumption will be beyond that limit Arduino will turn off the load through the relay. You can check Voltage, Current, KWh, KW, and power factor on LCD. If you want to manually switch on and off your load there is a button for that also if you want to change your no you can do simply by pressing a button.       

Circuit Diagram:


Energy meter using arduino




energy meter using arduino
when units are within the limit

smart Energy Meter
                                                                                              when units are outside limit


Following are the advantages of smart meter using GSM

  • No need of meter reader
  • Prepaid friendly
  • Accurate bills- no more estimates
  • Provides Information about usage of electricity.


  • Installation Cost
  • GSM Dependent System

We have tried to cover each aspect of ‘GSM Based Energy Meter‘ and look for more and try to add those in next update. Did you find any solution? Let us know in the comment section below

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  1. Your GSM based Smart Energy Meter project is good. Can you send me the Arduino code and simulation file?

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