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The ‘Geeky Engineers’ Blog

Welcome to Geeky Engineers. Started in 2018 by Geek Solutions Pvt. Ltd grows exponentially through its technology research. We’re here to bring you one step closer to that goal. Our huge experience with the development of Engineering Projects, Engineering software for research & development purposes and different engineering tools allows us to provide you with valuable information.

We are writing quality articles that are focused on bringing some of the most insightful tips and tricks to your projects. Our content includes Arduino and IOT based projects, Solutions for Engineering Problems, and tools, such as multimeters, ohmmeter, etc.

While you may be familiar with these tools but you may need guidance about testing a few things. Also, all the advice provided is well researched and tested. Therefore, this will solve your problems in real-time.

Engineering Projects

We provide you with different Arduino and IOT based projects with simulation, circuit diagrams, and coding. We want to help you with your semester and final year projects by providing quality and up-to-date content.

Engineering Software Solutions

we are also providing solutions for different software problems. These solutions are provided by keeping in mind the problems most people face while performing simulations or using the software.

Engineering Tools Guidance

Our tools guidance will help you to perform different test with Engineering tools. You can test different things from basic to advance after reading our guide.

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