[SPICE] transient GMIN stepping at time=0.00156965
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Fix: [SPICE] transient GMIN stepping at time=0.00156965

“[SPICE] transient GMIN stepping at time=0.00156965” you might have faced this error while performing simulation in Proteus. But You don’t need to worry about anything because I will write a detailed article on this error that will help you to remove this error and will save your time.

Proteus Professional 8.13

Proteus Professional 8.13 is the simplest and most advanced software for designing circuits. In which you will have to search for components, place them in the workspace and connect these with wires and your circuit will be ready. you can also design PCB  with Proteus 8.13.

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How do you fix time too small in Proteus?

  • When you run the simulation you will get this error

[SPICE] transient GMIN stepping at time=0.00156965

  • Now Stop the simulation,  click on System, and open Set Animation Options.

How do you fix time too small in Proteus?

  • The Setting Like this will appear on the Screen

What is GMIN stepping in Proteus?

  • Now Change the Value From Milli to Micro and Click on OK.

Proteus time too small error

  • Now again run the simulation and You will see that this error is successfully removed.

How to Solve “Fatal simulation error encountered”?

After reading this article “How To fix  [SPICE] transient GMIN stepping at time=0.00156965 you will be able to remove this error. We have tried to cover each aspect of the fatal simulation error and will look for more and try to add those in the next update. Does this work for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions

What is GMIN stepping?

GMIN stepping will find a solution by starting the repeating cycle initially 1.0e10 times the nominal value. If a solution is found at this value, next time it will reduce the value by 10.

What is GMIN stepping in Proteus?

Transient GMIN stepping at a time means that the simulator at the Current time is unable to find to simulate the circuit. Reducing the time from Milli to Micro can solve this problem. 

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