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Best Electrical Engineering Project Ideas

The final year project is the most important part of engineering. Many students face problems while choosing their project and due to improper guidance and lack of sufficient knowledge they choose the wrong project, which causes trouble for them.

Here are some Best Electrical engineering project ideas for the final year that will help you while choosing your project.

Electrical ENGINEERING Project Ideas

1. Transmission Line Inspection Robot

Transmission Line Inspection Robot is also known as Power Line Inspection Robot is used on Transmission lines for monitoring and fault detection. Using this robot we can measure the current/voltage, Temperature, and Humidity. For physical monitoring of the conductor, we are using a camera that will give us real-time video footage of the current state of conductors, insulators, dampers, separators, or poles.

This project is available here (this link will take you to Project)

2. IoT Based fault detection in Transmission Line

IoT Based fault detection system can detect the fault in transmission line using PIC 18f452 and will find the location of the fault by calculating the resistance between towers. Also, we can see the location of the fault on the mobile app.

3. Design of Buck-Boost Inverter for Solar Based Standalone System

Buck-Boost Inverter for Solar Based Standalone System consists of a series connection of buck-boost converter, which operates only in buck mode and processes a fraction of the power input from the inverter while operating at high efficiency.

4. Controlling Speed of Induction Motor using Variable Frequency Drive

Variable frequency drive is a technique used to control the speed and frequency of AC induction motors thus it is also known as adjustable speed drive or variable speed drive. As 25% of the world’s electricity is consumed by AC motor and the problem with these motors is large starting inrush current. When the motor starts a large current is drawn by the motor, it continues until the motor reaches the synchronous speed. This high current not only produces heat but also reduces the life of electrical equipment and power consumption increased. Thus, there is a need to reduce this current

This project is available here (this link will take you to Project)

5. Solar power monitoring through the Internet of Things

Solar power monitoring through the Internet of Things is a cost-effective methodology based on IoT to remotely monitoring a solar plant for performance evaluation. With the passage of time, the output of the solar panels decreases due to the dust, humidity, etc. on the solar panels. So, it needs to be monitored 24/7 to get the optimum output by using real-time monitoring and cleaning of the panels using different sensors which will send data to a cloud base website and can be cleaned using the Blynk app.

6. Hand Gesture Controlled Car

Hand Gesture Controlled Car is designed using Arduino. Palm gesture is the main controlling area that controls the movement of the car. This Gesture Controlled Car will provide a platform for business robots and higher intelligence embedding robots like humanoids.

7. Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi

A virtual telepresence robot is a remote-controlled, wheeled device with a camera to capture the environment in visual form and give the appearance of being present in that place. The captured visuals are displayed on the user’s virtual reality (VR) 3 headset. The camera will camera move in the direction of the user’s head movements. It can move in any direction through controller.

8. GSM Based Smart Energy Meter

Using GSM based Smart Energy Meter one can monitor his consumption using mobile phones just by sending SMS. This project consists of Arduino UNO as the main controller, GSM module, and other sensors/peripheralsOne can easily monitor his consumption during peak hours and reduce its electricity bill. You just have to fix the certain limit of electricity consumption and if power consumption will be beyond that limit it will turn offload through the relay. You can easily check your power factor which will be on LCD.

This project is available Here (this link will take you to Project)

9. Solar Powered smart irrigation System Using Arduino

Solar Water Irrigation System is a cost-effective and automated solar water pumping system for irrigation. In this project, we have used a Soil moisture sensor to detects the humidity, soil moisture level, and water level sensor to observes water level. This data is sent to the microcontroller unit. Based on the collected information, the microcontroller decides either to start or to stop the pump motor. Also, the user can operate the system far from the field with a simple click on a cell phone.  A manual ON/OFF system is also introduced into the proposed design.


GPS GUIDED ROBOT is a self-piloted vehicle that does not require an operator to navigate and accomplish its tasks. Autonomous vehicles are a recently developed subset of robotics and can come in three general forms

  • Air
  • Ground
  • Submarine

12. Throttle Based Electric Bicycle Controller Design

Throttle Based Electric Bicycle Controller will control the speed of the motor with the throttle, basically, the throttle’s signal is analog in nature when the throttle is varied the current flows through it. The voltage level is measured by Arduino and based on that the PWM signal is sent to the ESC which drives the motor. The RPMs of the motor will be measured and displayed on the LCD, along with temperature and battery health.

This project is available Here(this link will take you to Project)

13. 360-degree Live View Car Surveillance System

360-degree Live View Car Surveillance System is the need of 21st century because vehicle safety is one of the thoughtful subjects. In this project, we Implemented a smart security system in cars with live view camera surveillance and mobile phone alert base system the system could be implemented in any kind of Personal use vehicle.

14. Flexible Ac Transmitter System Using TSR

The aim of the project is to achieve FACTS (Flexible AC transmission system) using TSR (Thyristor Switch Reactance). This is done when the receiving end voltage is low while charging the transmission line. In the presence of a small load, a small current flows through the transmission line there for shut capacitance becomes more effective. Due to the Ferranti Effect, the voltage at receiving end increases two times than the voltage at sending end.

This project is available Here(this link will take you to Project)

15.Bidirectional Energy Meter

Bidirectional Energy Meter record, measure, and indicate both incoming and outgoing (self-produced electricity by renewable energy sources and excess to be sold to grid) electricity.

A solar photovoltaic system is used in net metering. The design of a bidirectional energy meter is low cost, affordable to consumers for domestic application, and efficient. The current work focuses on the development of bidirectional metering which accounts for the net usage, export, and monetary exchange.

This project is available Here(this link will take you to Project)

These are the some of the best electrical engineering projects. From these project you will not only learn new things and get good GPA too in your degree.

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