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How to design Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Demand for hand sanitizer around the globe has increased after the coronavirus. Hand Sanitizers are usually used by pressing the pump with hand. This can cause an increase in the spread of the virus because many peoples are in contact with that. There are many hands sanitizers in the market but this project is cost-effective and can be made easily at home.

The best thing about automatic hand sanitizer without using Arduino or microcontroller is, there is no need for coding. Even a layman can make it for his personal use. After reading a couple of articles on the internet I was not quite satisfied so I decided to share the sanitizer condenser with a circuit diagram.

Smart water Distribution System

Working with Automatic Hand Sanitizer

we have made an automatic hand sanitizer using an IR sensor and Transistor without using Arduino. This project is very simple and cost-effective.

Components used

These are components used in the Automatic hand sanitizer project

  • IR sensor
  • DC water pump
  • 9V battery
  • 1K ohm resistor
  • Transistor

When some will place his hand in front of the IR sensor, the IR sensor will give an output signal to the data pin connected to the transistor’s signal pin. The signal from the IR sensor will turn the transistor on that will turn on the DC water pump motor. The motor will remain turned on until the hand is present in front of the sensor. when the hand will be removed there will be no signal from the IR sensor for the transistor so the DC water pump will turn off.

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Circuit Diagram of Automatic hand sanitizer

Automatic hand sanitizer
                                              Automatic Hand sanitizer


We have used the Following connection for the design

  • Connect the negative terminal of the battery to the GND pin of the IR sensor.
  • Connect the positive terminal of the battery to the VCC pin of the IR sensor.
  • Connect the negative terminal of the battery to the neutral wire of the water pump.
  • Connect the Phase wire of the DC water pump to the 2nd pin of the transistor.
  • Connect the 1st terminal of the transistor to the positive terminal of the battery
  • Connect the 1K resistor at the 3rd pin of the transistor.
  • Connect the other end of 1K to the Out pin of the IR sensor.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hand sanitizers?

The advantages and disadvantages of hand sanitizer are listed below.

Advantage of hand sanitizer dispenser

The advantage of an Automatic sanitizer condenser is

  • Easy to use.
  • Cost-effective
  • Improved Hygiene
  • Durable & Easy To Maintain
  • Changeable Header

Disadvantage of Automatic hand sanitizer 

  • Battery Usage
  • Touchless allocators attract attention

The automatic hand sanitizer can be used at various public places for virus infection prevention. This is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and can be designed easily at home. How was this article? Let us know in the comment section



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