Things that will trend in 2021

things that will trend in 2021
trending 2021

2020 was the year of survival but 2021 will be the year of planning and building our future. IoT, 5G, virtual and Augmented reality will be in our daily life. We will tell you the fact that will trend in 2021.

Work from Home

Work from will trend in 2021. People may not like it, because it has blurred the professional and personal life. But on the other hand, the researcher has found that it has great advantages.


Remote work has flexibility. Researchers in the US found that every worker worked 1.6 days per month more. Employees can do their personal work and can give more time to their family beside their jobs. They don’t have to travel every day from home to the office. They don’t need a proper dress to work from home.

 Save Money

Money that employees were spending on fairs and dress can be saved, also location independency has made lesser commute stress for the workers. Now, they don’t need to worry about leaving home early to get on time. According to research employees are spending 4-5% of their day (developed countries) while 6-7% (developing countries) in traveling. Also, companies are saving money because they don’t need to spend money on offices in terms of different bills. In the US companies are saving up to 1100$ on each employee.

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Online Education:

Online education started back in 202O after pandemic hit the world. There were many concerns about online education at that time but now world is adopting this trend and many Universities across the globe have issued the schedule of online classes for year 2021, because this has many advantages

Flexible Schedule

As many institutions are providing prerecorded so that students can plan their own schedule to take lectures. Also, if online lecture is missed due to some reason recording will also be available.

Location Independency

Students can stay home while taking their classes. This not only will save their accommodation and travel expenses but also provide the opportunity to study in the parental environment.

Better e-commerce

Due to COVID-19ecommerce has become the only game in the town.  Because of lockdown businesses shuttered were closed. So many, new sites were launched and doing business online. Other retailers are also shifting their businesses online because they have gone to the wall. In 2021, more people will buy stuff online. Keeping this in mind companies are developing more reliable, faster-loading websites and apps, not to mention more consumer-friendly UX, or get left for dust by the competition

Digital Currency

The digital currency will trend and lead in 2021. Many Nations are practicing their digital currency. As many nations are already using PayPal, Payoneer, etc. According to today’s report Bitcoin has traded above 35000$ for the very first time in Asia, and digital currency rises more than 800 percent since mid-March. From this, it can be seen how much it will grow in 2021.

Digital Health Passport

Digital Health Passport includes Corona’s status, vaccination, and record of his health. Many Airlines are demanding health card before traveling.  This not only will save time for both airline and passenger.

Future of Food

If you want to eat meat you do not need to kill animals for that. Yes, this is true Tender chicken nugget is laboratory-grown meat. In Singapore, they are using this, but this is an expensive one nugget costs 50$.

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