What is RX1 on multimeter

what is RX1 on a multimeter?

If you are familiar with a digital multimeter, you might have an idea about the setting that you find difficult. Some people don’t want to learn about all the settings for a DMM. Because they think getting all the setting is really difficult but that’s not true once you learn these it will help you for rest of your life.

Today I will write in detail on what is RX1 on a multimeter?

What is Multimeter?


A multimeter is a tool for measuring electrical quantities like resistance, voltage, and current. All these meters (ohmmeter, voltmeter, and ammeter) that measures those quantities are combined into a single meter is known as multimeters.

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What is RX1 on a multimeter??

RX1 on multimeter

RX1 refers to the resistance measured in ohms on a digital multimeter which means resistance times one. 

So, we can write this as

  • R= resistance
  • X = times
  • 1 = one 


What Does Resistance mean in a Digital Multimeter?

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In the guide what is the rx1 setting on a multimeter? Resistance in a DMM means  “the measurement of total resistance through every possible path between probes”.  Resistance is measured in Ohm. The Resistance can be of anything like resistor etc.

  •  How to measure the resistance on a multimeter?

we can measure the resistance on a DMM using this way

  1. Select the components like resistor etc., whose resistance you want to measure.
  2.  Turn off the supply current so that the current flowing through that component is zero.
  3. Insert the probes into corresponding sockets on the DMM.
  4. Choose the range from the meter. There are many ranges like M Ohm, K Ohm on the meter.
  5. Note your results.
  6. For confirmation, you can again measure the resistance so that your findings become error-free.

After reading this article “what is RX1 on a multimeter” you will be able to know the RX1 setting. We have tried to cover each aspect of the multimeter and will look for more and try to add those in the next update. Do you understand RX1? Let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know more about RX1 setting on multimeter. Read the questions below

What is RX1 setting on digital multimeter?

RX1 is the resistance measured in ohms on a digital multimeter which means resistance times one. 

  • R= resistance
  • X = times
  • 1 = one

What is the lowest Ohm setting on a multimeter?

If want to measure the resistance of electronic circuit, the you have to select the lowest Ohm setting. These settings are between 0-200 ohms or 1X.



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