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when it comes to Electric wiring it’s a difficult job and everyone wants to hire a professional for that. Every circuit from small to large required wiring. So wiring has importance in various fields such as engineering, computer sciences, software designing, etc. Professionals prefer to use software instead of this they take a scale measure the small length and draw that on-page. The chances of error will be greater when you draw the wiring on-page that’s why wiring diagram software comes into play and bring ease in life.

With the help of a wiring diagram tool, you don’t need to hire a professional and you can create professional wiring drawings on your own!

Why Do You need  Wiring Diagram Software in 2021?

Most people think that wiring software is difficult to handle and they don’t have good experience with the software. There is a wide collection of electrical design software available and most of them have limited features. But You don’t need to worry about anything because in this article we will write in detail about the best wiring diagram software in 2021.

Best Wiring Diagram Software

Here is the list of the best circuit designing tool on internet.

1.   Proteus

wiring diagram software


Proteus Professional 8.13 is the simplest and most advanced software for designing circuits. In which you will have to search for components, place them in the workspace and connect these with wires and yan our circuit will be ready. you can also design PCB  with Proteus 8.13. Usually, this software is free but you don’t need to worry about anything because you can easily download the pro version for free from the link above. Because of the following features, it comes second in the list of Top 10 Wiring Diagram Software.

Unique Features

  • Circuit designing and testing.
  • includes all the components for circuit designing
  • More than 800 different microcontrollers
  • Complete set for designing PCB
  • Different Simulations
  • Save cost and time for testing circuit

2.  EndrawMax   (Best circuit diagram software)

electrical wiring diagram software

EdrawMax is one of the best drawing or wiring diagram tools that can be used to create many different types of wiring diagrams, visuals, storyboards, diagrams, etc. From EdrawMax one can easily create a wiring diagram because it contains tools and pre-made templates to make circuit design in a professional way.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a technician, engineer, or programmer you can easily design your circuit with this amazing software. This comes both online and offline. The online tool is free but if you want to have an offline version then you have to pay for that. Because of the following features, it comes second in the list of Top 10 Wiring Diagram Software.

Unique Features

  • Different drawing tools
  • Free drawing templates
  • Compatible with various file formats
  • Cloud upload and storage
  • Easy sign-up
  • Watermark in free mode
  • Cost-effective

3.  Concept Draw

electrical panel wiring diagram software

Concept Draw is an amazing diagramming tool for those who don’t have hands-on experience with any designing tool. Because from this software on can create professional-level visual content for different fields ranging from Computer, Electronics, and Engineering to Management, Marketing, and Travel. Because of the following features, it comes third in the list of Top 10 Wiring Diagram Software.

Unique Features

  • unique drawing templates
  • Multi-purpose drawing tool
  • No online tool
  • Requires sign-up
  • Cost-effective

4.   SmartDraw

electrical wiring diagram software open source


SmartDraw is a drawing tool from which one easily designs circuit or wiring diagrams, creates charts, mind maps, business visuals, and professional diagrams. Because of its simple and easy interface, anyone likes to work on that. the best thing about this tool is it comes with free original templates to create graphical content quickly. Because of the following features, it comes fourth in the list of Top 10 Wiring Diagram Software.

Unique Features

  • Different tools and templates
  • User-friendly interface
  • online and offline availability
  • Not available for iOS

5.  Electrical CAD Software

circuit diagram software

Electrical CAD Software is used for the designing of wiring diagrams for circuit boards. The tool is user-friendly, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or pro every one can use it to create many electrical and electronic diagrams. The processing time of the CAD software is very short, and the software works very smoothly. Usually, this software is free but the premium version is also available with advanced features. Because of the following features, it comes fifth in the list of Top 10 best electrical software.

Unique Features

  • Translated in many languages
  • Free of cost with limited edition
  • Complete guidance is available on the website
  • Video tutorial available on youtube

6. Circuit Diagram

circuit wiring software

The Circuit Diagram drawing tool is amazing too for designing circuits. It is pure circuit designing software because it contains all the necessary tools and components required for designing circuits or wiring drawings. This software is very fast, super safe, and easy to use. From connections what you all have to do is place your components on the sheet and join them using different wires. Because of the following features, it comes sixth in the list of Top 10 Wiring Diagram Software.

Unique Features

  • Easy to handle
  • Superfast
  • Safe
  • free tool
  • Offline and Online versions

7. Diagram Studio

Electrical design saoftware free Download

Diagram Studio is a very important tool for designing graphs, technical diagrams, and professional drawings and illustrations. The best thing about this tool is that you can create visual data for business charts and graphs. This software is available online and anyone can design on it.  The unique thing about this software is it offers many drawing templates such as flowcharts, mind maps, graphs, and P&I diagrams. The only limitation about this software is this is only available on Windows neither MAC nor Linux. Because of the following features, it comes seventh in the list of Top 10 Wiring Diagram Software.

Unique Features

  • Business diagrams, presentation, and illustrations
  • organization and workflow chart
  • Database structures
  • Software and process flowcharts
  • Engineering schematics and technical drawings
  • Research layouts and maps
  • Entity-relationship drawing

8. SolidWorks (Free wiring Diagram software)

solid works crack latest version

SolidWorks 2022 Crack provides different editions for quality work such as Business Edition, Student Edition, Technical Edition, etc. one best thing about this software is you can design 2D or 3D shapes according to your need. In short, SolidWorks provides the opportunity for designers and engineers to design unique and creative layouts. In this Program, you will find all the features that you get only in modern software like Adobe Photoshop or Auto CAD, etc. Because of the following features, it comes eighth in the list of Top 10 software for electrical design.

Unique Features

  • Update to get all the latest extensions and packages.
  • Fast speed of transacting information
  • Allows any geometric operation to create complete specs for any model.
  • Automatic views of models with all numeric and geometry parameters.
  • Help to create unique and creative layouts.
  • The Crack version has volumes of 3D Cad libraries.
  • Allow modeling and analyzing of 2D or 3D shapes
  • High-quality shapes and geometry of model with given Parameters
  • Security of your data.
  • Drag and drops For designing.
  • Allow changing the color of the whole image or any part.
  • Help to improve online business with some ideas
  • Unique interface.
  • Easy to use.

9. EPLAN Electric P8

Automotive wiring diagram software open source

EPLAN provides software and service solutions in the fields of electrical, automation, and mechatronics engineering. We develop one of the worlds leading design software solutions for machine and panel builders. Because of the following features, it comes ninth in the list of Top 10 electrical design software.

Unique Features

  • 2D Drawing
  • 3D Imaging
  • CAD Tools
  • Change Management
  • Chemical Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Data Import/Export
  • Design Analysis
  • Document Generation
  • Document Management
auto wiring diagram
Electrical design software is a powerful tool for designing that allows electrical engineers to use professional CAD drawing software to design integrated systems in a fraction of the time normally required when creating the process by hand. Because of the following features, it comes ninth in the list of Top 10 Wiring Diagram Software.
Unique Features
  • CAD Tools
  • Change Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Compliance Management
  • Document Generation
  • Parts Management
  • PLC Tools
  • Reusable Designs
  • Symbol Library

This was our list of some of the top 10 wiring diagram software. Hope you like it. If you like it then share it and subscribe to our blog to get more like this. Sharing buttons are below and the subscription box is at the end. If you know of any other electrical design software then do let us know in the comments section.

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