What will be the future of solar technology: Foldable solar panel

Fold able solar panel

The foldable solar panel is the need of the century. Current solar cells are rigid, hard, and flat which is challenging to keep and use in and everyday life. Due to this reason the solar panel needs to be foldable and unbreakable at repeated use. This is not possible to make this with the current material of pannel.

Foldable Solar Panel

For the panel to be foldable we need a thin, flexible, transparent, and resilient conductor material. So that it can withstand the bending pressure within a very small radius while maintaining its desirable properties.

Foldable solar panel
Foldable solar panel

These cells are ideal for outdoor activities because they are portable, lightweight, durable, and efficient. These are very flexible you can place them anywhere like bags, tents, etc. You need to roll or fold them. Their flexibility makes for a variety of possibilities in terms of how they can be set up, throw it on a tent, hang it from a tree, backpack, or just roll it out on the ground.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many advantages and disadvantages of the foldable solar panel module.


  • Foldable Solar Panels are durable, lightweight, and portable
  • Due to high durability, they can be used in harsh environment and panel can work if there any part is damaged or cut off.
  • The material of fabric on which solar modules are mounted is weather-resistant that quickly folds or unfolds for use. 
  • This panel can fit easily into bags and tents or you can carry them in your hands. 
  • These solar panels will keep you connected, and help you get more out of your adventures.


  • Foldable Solar Panels are designed for regular outdoor use, but can not be installed permanently outdoor.
  • These panels are not waterproof so these cant be left in rain. So before folding the panel, you have to wipe water and dry it. if you fold it wet it can be damaged.
  • Store or keep the panel in a dry environment.

Fold able solar pannel are creating ease for humanity. Researchers and scientists are trying to make more advance and highly efficent foldable cells.


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