What is Fiber Optic Communication System


This article will be about optical communication and different aspect of fiber optic communication.

What Is an Optical Communication System?

in the old day’s signals sent through a normal copper wire or by use of different radio links. Nowadays these are replaced by fiber optics. These have great advantages over normal hard wire whether they have used for video or audio links over the short or long-range.

Currently, the number of internet users are increasing so the communication system must be strong to provide them quality services. Optical fiber communication is used in a telecommunication system and in the local area network (LAN) to provide high quality and speed to consumers.

How Fiber Optics Work

In optical fiber technology, an optical fiber link is used to transfer data in light frequency form via a cable with a highly reflective central core. The highly reflective central core will act as a light guide for the transfer of light through continuous reflections across its reflective walls.

optical communication
Block Diagram

The optical fiber communication module consists of a transmitter and receiver circuit. The Tx terminal of the transmitter is connected with the Rx terminal of the receiver and The Rx terminal of the transmitter is connected with the Tx terminal of the receiver.

Advantages and Disadvantage of Fiber Optics

Advantages of Optical Fiber

  • Greater bandwidth & faster speed

Optical fiber has extremely high bandwidth and speed. A large amount of information can be transmitted per unit of optical fiber cable.

  • Cheaper

For long-distance optical fiber can be made cheaper than equivalent lengths of copper or hard wire.

  • Thinner and light-weighted

Optical fiber is thinner and is of smaller size and light weight than a comparable copper wire cable.

  • Higher carrying capacity

As optical fibers are thinner and lightweight than copper or hard wires, more fibers can be bundled into a given-diameter cable.

  • Loss of Signal

The loss of signal in optical fiber is less than that in copper or hard wire.

  • Life

Optical fibers have a long life cycle for over 100 years.

Disadvantages of Optical Fiber

  • Optical fiber is more vulnerable to damage compared to copper wires. A little twist or bend can damage them.
  • The distance between the transmitter and receiver should be small and repeaters are needed to boost the signal.

In short fiber optic communication provides a fast, constant and reliable Internet connection that allows a lot of data to be transmitted.

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