Can AI Save the Planet From Global Warming And Climate Change?

Climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest problems of the 21st century. Human activities are affecting the environment and are releasing excess CO2 and other greenhouse gasses causing serious problems like temperature rise, global warming, etc. This is saying that Artificial intelligence can help mankind against climate change and global warming.

Different countries are taking steps to fight against climate change, but these are not enough because many are not showing their interest. According to the different reports, the glaciers of Antarctica are melting rapidly. if we don’t take serious steps now the survival of humans will be difficult on the planet.

How AI help against climate change

In the future, we will depend on AI to fight against climate change. Some of the Applications are below.

Microsoft’s AI for Earth

Microsoft has approved grants to fight against climate change. For example, AI will be used to save snow leopards in wild. These leopards will be monitored and count to save them from climate change. If we use humans instead of AI this will hundred of humans.

Also, researchers from NASA are trying to identify the patterns to monitor changes in land surfaces, such as decreasing sea area, etc.

Deforestation Detection

Deforestation is increasing day by day. keeping this in mind scientists have developed an IoT-based deforestation detection. This has two parts i.e transmitter and receiver. The transmitter will be installed in the forest and the receiver will be at the departmental office. when someone will try to cut the trees it will send an alert.


This is Microsoft powered technology. This will use images from satellites to monitor the size and health of forest trees. This will help to fight against climate change.

Digital Dashboard for the planet

In the future, this dashboard will allow us to monitor, model, and manage environmental systems. Everything can be monitored like deforestation, wildlife, sea levels, pollution, and predicting natural disasters, etc.

Protect oceans from illegal Over Fishing

Overfishing is illegal and countries issue Licenses for fishing. The data from the satellite will be used to identify the position of boats that are doing illegal fishing. This will protect marine life.

Green Horizon

Green Horizon was firstly started in China. It uses Artificial intelligence to create weather and pollution forecasts. This project will help the government to make air quality better by increasing or decreasing industry or traffic. The smog of Bejing was reduced by using this project.

Smart irrigation system

Smart Irrigation System monitors the amount of soil moisture content in the soil. A predefined value of soil moisture is set and can be varied with crops. In case the soil moisture of the soil deviates from the specified range, the smart irrigation system is turned ON/OFF. In the case of dry soil, it will activate the smart irrigation system, pumping water for watering the plants. A smart irrigation system can be implemented on a large scale for farming purposes, which can further prove to be more advantageous.

Smart dustbins

Smart dustbins will help to manage the waste. The garbage will be monitored through a mobile phone. It will send an alert when it will be full more than 75%. This will reduce carbon emissions and save money and time.

In short humans and AI can work together to fight against climate change and make planet better place to live.

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