What Skills Should an Electrical Engineer Have in 2021?

elctrical engineering skills

World is going digital in 2021. As an electrical engineer you should have these skills to compete and became success full.

Electrical Engineering Skill

As an electrical engineer you need to learn these skills

  • Circuit designing
  • Programming skills
  • Develop electrical schematics
  • Ability to Trouble shoot
  • Strong hold on Engineering Software’s
  • Strong hold on Engineering Tools
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Strong communication skills
  • Command on MS office
  • Online courses to develop skills

Circuit design

As an electrical Engineer it’s necessary that you must be good at circuit design on both hardware and software. Many companies prefer those you have strong designing skills.

Programming skills

Programming is the need of 21st century.  programming languages like C or Python to program microcontrollers for integrated circuits. object-oriented programming like C++ and java are necessary for different tasks like designing computing and building hardware simulations.

Develop electrical schematics

Development of schematics include collection of electrical symbols appropriate for diagram. Draw circuits diagram represented by lines. Use symbols in the circuits and connect them. Use line hops if any lines need to cross.

Ability to Trouble shoot

Trouble shooting and finding fault is one of the most import skill for electrical engineer. During project making engineer can stuck in that. Now for a good engineer its necessary that he should know how to come out of that.

Strong hold on Engineering Software

For every engineer it’s necessary that he should have strong hold on engineering software. Because these software assists engineers in creating and optimizing electrical equipment systems, control system, fault detection, analysis, simulation etc.

Strong hold on Engineering Tools

Electrical engineers should have strong command on engineering tools to make connections perform different adjustments. Depending on responsibilities engineers can use different tools.

Data collection and analysis

Data collection for any project play an important role in success or failure of project. Good engineer always keeps these things before any project. He must be able to calculate the demands of project, make strategy about using resources and optimize each phase of operations.

Strong communication skills

Communication skills include both written and oral communication. Engineers should be able to explain their ideas with precision to their audience. He should have leadership skills because he has to lead the team. Also, as a sale engineer you can only convince the customer if you have strong communication skills.

Command on MS office

MS office play a major role in engineer life. From preparing reports to maintain data of employees everything is done in MS office.

Online courses to develop skills

online courses not only develop your skills but will play a major role in building job winning resume. There many online plat forms from where you can get these skills. Platforms like COURSERA are providing opportunity to take these courses both paid and unpaid.


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