Free Space Optical Wireless Audio Transmission System



Free Space Optical wireless Audio Transmission system uses light in free space to transmit data in the form of bits for telecommunication or computer networking. This technology is used where physical connections are not possible or cost much.

Working Of Free Space Optical wireless Audio Transmission system

In the design of the free-space optical communication project, we use the transmitter and receiver. On the transmitter side, we use laser and photodiode laser while on the receiver side photodiode is used. We will take the audio signal through mic or mobile. The signal coming from mobile is in electrical form and we use lm386IC to amplify our audio signal. When the signal will reach laser the light will fall into the photodiode the signal converts into the light and when the signal falls into the photodiode it will again convert into an electrical signal and make the output at the speaker

Components used:

  • Speaker
  • Mic
  • Laser
  • photodiode laser
  • photodiode
  • capacitors
  • Resistors
  • Speaker
  • Battery
  • Connecting wires
  • lm386IC
Free Space Optical Wireless Audio Transmission System
Hardware Implementation

Optical frameworks work in the infrared or close to the infrared area of light and the simplest method to envision how the work is envisioned, two interconnected with fiber optic link, and afterward expel the link. The infrared transporter utilized for transmitting the sign is produced either by a powerful LED or a laser diode. Two parallel shafts are utilized, one for transmission and one for gathering, taking a standard information, voice or video signal, changing over it to a computerized organization, and transmitting it through free space.

The present current laser framework gives organize availability at speed of 622 Megabits/sec and past with absolute unwavering quality. The shafts are kept tight to guarantee that it doesn’t meddle with other FSO beams. The get indicators are either PIN diodes or torrential slide photodiodes. The FSO transmits invisible eye-safe light beams from the transmitter to the receiver using low power infrared lasers in the tetra hertz spectrum. FSO can function over kilometers.

Free Space Optical Wireless Audio Transmission System circuit diagram
Diagram and results

Following are the advantages of Audio Transmission System using Free Space Optical Wireless

• No authorizing required

• Installation cost is low when contrasted with laying Fiber

• No sunk expenses

• No capital shades

• Highly secure transmission conceivable

• High information rates, up to 2.5 GB per second at present, and 10 GB per second soon


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